Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vanity Post?

Why not put a face out there?  The Wooliverse isn't about me. . . but in case you are curious.  This is a short bio post.  I thought about a pic of me at work at my "felting station" but, well, lately I've been spending more time photo editing and uploading stuff to etsy, and researching marketing and all that stuff that is creative in it's own way, but which I find leaves me feeling pretty uncreative in regards to the sculpture itself.

Which is the whole point in the first place!  To make art!  So, I'm going to take the next few days and focus on yoga and friends and just try to recharge.

Anyway, since this is a "me" post. . . maybe a brief bio if you are interested.  I like to read, play guitar, cook, travel, practice yoga, and swim.  My guilty pleasure is videogames and comic books. . . both sources of inspiration in my sculpture.  I was born in Southern California, and currently live and work in San Francisco, which is an incredibly stimulating and inspiring environment.

I'm fascinated by world religion, mythology and concepts of magic both primitive and modern, and though I have no formal training in visual arts, I studied  literature and creative writing at the University of Arkansas under some very talented professors, and was profoundly influenced by the graduate work I did under professor John Locke in comparative literature, religion, and world mythology before he was tragically  murdered by a student (and classmate.)

Remembering that day, I feel sad now.  Sadness is a pretty big part of my inspiration, too, now that I think about it.  Which is ok.  It's the flip side of joy, and feeling deeply of the whole range of human emotions, is, I think what life and art are about.

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