Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SF is a small world, and a small town.

I'm shy by nature, but I've been forcing myself out there because I want to share this silly little gift I find myself with lately.  Still adrenalized from volunteering at Bizarre Bazaar, I was chatting at one of my Bikram instructors this evening about volunteering at Bizarre Bazaar, how much I love Urban Bazaar,  my new Etsy site, and my "busy sculpture season", and blah blah blah me me me (because being excited about me is new again) and, YAWN.    The universe said. . . shhhhh.  Listen!

It turns out she is not only literally Etsy's oldest member still selling, she just participated in a show at Urban Bazaar that I wanted very badly to go to but missed due to travel.  She is sublime in the art of crochet--and I'm currently in love with all things textile.What a cool coincidence, huh?  And if that isn't enough, her boyfriend has killer web design skills! (Another one of my future hopes. . . to have a dot.com and full creative control.)

Check this stuff out.  It's amazing!



 I have a number of textile artists I really like.  Sharing other artists in this field that inspire me  has been the next direction I wanted my blog to take after I finished catching up on writing about why I'm even doing this at all.  The fact that yoga has been such a huge factor in unlocking the visual/non verbal right-hemisphere of my brain, and that one of my most influential yoga instructors just happens to be an artist in a related medium .  . .I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be able to direct your attention to some very beautiful work from a true talent.

Sorry. . . I'm just having an unfiltered, unedited moment of happiness and spiritual awe.  It doesn't seem to matter how much synchronicity you experience, it never ceases to amaze.

It's just been a great day start to finish.


  1. Awesome, PJ! I am so excited that you are sharing your art with the world. I think you will find that the more you share, the more inspiration you will receive. I know exactly what you mean about "blah blah blah me me me." For me, my art is not only an expression of how I perceive the world; my art is also a means to experience the world around me (people, places, etc). It's how I connect with (and relate to) people, but I know sometimes people tire of hearing me talk about "me, me, me." As artists, we can't help ourselves! So much of our time and energy goes into our art that it is hard to talk about anything else. There is no better way to see the world than through the eyes of an artist. Some people think of artists as isolated, but your unique vision of the world will inevitably draw more people to you. Keep sharing your talent (and recommending others). It will bring you more and more days filled with "happiness and spiritual awe." :)

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