Thursday, December 23, 2010

Business cards!

Have procrastinated on ordering business cards for awhile, and always kick myself. . .because I do meet people, get in conversations, they find out what I do and want to see it. . . and then, well, a pen (if we have one), a scrap of paper torn out of the Guardian or whatever's handy, which probably gets lost along with an opportunity to share my work (which, honestly, means more to me than selling it.)

So I'm a total "follower" here; I talked to a lot of people in SF in arts and crafts and the most popular card it seemed was from Moo.  And their Mini business cards are actually really cool.  You can have a different image on every card if you want to, with your contact info on the back.  Some images turned out better than others (I used seven different ones) but when I re-order I'll probably just use the 3-5 most definitive images.

I don't feel like I've been very organized or well timed in "getting it together" this year, but not terrible.  I feel like I'm laying groundwork that may open some doors and make 2011 a lot more interesting and fun.

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