Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Nope. It's mine."

So. . . just when I think I'm going to have something cool to add to my Etsy shop, my wife looks at it, and says, "nope. . . this one is mine."  It was a tremendous compliment, and kind of a surprise. 

I'll leave it to her to give it a name and figure out it's nature and origin (she's a faerie and magical creature aficionado and fan of Brian Froud's art) so I'm guessing it's not extra-terrestrial, but an inter-dimensional from the faerie realm.

This piece is also a great example of my "imunu" process, the head in particular is just a "firmed up" clump of raw wool I discovered with this basic shape and face, and even the body, made of roving. . . I just wadded up some roving and started to tighten up the the dense and loose area's created in the wadding process (with about a bazillion stabs of the needle) until I could see what was coming out, then enhanced it. 

I've been working on "letting stuff go" but I'm honestly happy she wanted it (the first one she's specifically asked for, for herself) because in person it really exudes a life, a special kind of "controlled crazy" and I really didn't want to see it go  : )

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