Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Steampunk Lamps

LOTS going on lately that I want to write about.  Started a mixed media fiber sculpture class, am branching out into other kinds of yoga (with interesting results), and finished a fun and very strange piece that I haven't photographed yet.

But for now I want to step aside and show off the steampunk lamps I recently found out my stepfather started making.  Head over to Bilmore Studios and take a look at what Bill has been making out of re-purposed vintage items like Clayton Lambert blowtorches, Kwikway floor heaters, and a Hamilton Beach sewing machine foot pedal. 

The Lambert
I really like this one a lot, and because I can't word it any better, I'm just gonna plagiarize the description right off of his blog: 

"The base was salvaged from a vintage Clayton Lambert blowtorch, circa 1921. It features a porcelain socket, tubular bulb, bakelite rotary switch, and copper and brass accents. Measuring just over 10 inches tall, it offers a unique focal point for any home or office setting."

The Aerovap

To the right. . .well, again, just let me steal a description from Bill: 

"The base was salvaged from an Aerovap pest and germ eradicator, a device leased to hospitals nationwide circa 1943. The lamp features a forged aluminum housing, chrome top bulb, vintage toggle switch, and the unique red-letter art deco Aerovap logo. (Other bulbs may be substituted for different lighting arrangements.) At almost 15 inches tall, it offers a unique accent for any home or office setting. Note: This is an extremely rare piece of repurposed Americana. "

There are many more creations to see at Bilmore Studios.  Check them out.  Great work Bill!

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