Friday, June 3, 2011

Sheep Dream of Gold in Heaven

In my last post on "Li Symmetries" I mentioned how "wrong" it felt to drench wool in paint.  One of my favorite things about wool is how it feels, so destroying the way it feels by sealing it under dense layers of paint and resin seemed unthinkable to me.  Which meant it had to be tried. 
"Sheep Dream of Gold in Heaven" started out as raw wool that I stabbed together along random clumps and whorls. It's affixed to canvas with thread and glue, and painted.  I posted a picture of the unpainted wool piece previously in "Li Symmetries."

I have no idea if I like it, or if it is likeable.  It's impossible to be objective at all yet.  I wanted to share some pics anyway because I had a lot of fun doing it.  It's been good to get away from literal creations both cute and monstrous and just do something totally different.

This was more a learning process and an early experiment.  I can't say for sure. . .but I'm thinking of doing more of these because this just feels like a doodle, like there is SO much more to play with here conceptually.

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