Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Thank you" is in order. . .

While I'm thinking about it, I'm a very small piece of The Wooliverse.  I just want to say thanks  to my aunt and uncle who turned me onto this art form, my wife who's been a fan, an inspiration, and a constant source of encouragement, friends both past and present, local and online who've given invaluable feedback, my kids, the folks at Urban Fauna in SF who have taught me a lot and continue to help me dig deeper; also, the ladies at Urban Bazaar who in carrying and selling my somewhat weird creations have given me the confidence to go the extra step in opening an online shop.  And my yoga instructors!  And of course the long line of writers, musicians, artists, mystics, scientists, philosophers, rabble rousers and other powerful sources of inspiration whether known in person or through their work, who've helped shape my world view .  And to the world itself for providing constant input . . .beautiful, dark, spiritual, sparkling, depraved, writhing and alive.

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