Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wire as Fiber Part 2

I work in San Francisco's Presidio, the old military base snuggled up against the bay, with the Golden Gate Bridge looming in the sky like a silent, immutable god.  Walking around on my lunch break is always inspiring. Recently my gaze has shifted from the splendor to the places of detritus and disrepair.

In my previous post I showed a few of the first experimental pieces incorporating rusty barbed wire.  I have no idea how successful some of my ideas in this vein will turn out when I finally get time to work on them in the coming months, and that's what's so exciting about this new unknown creative territory for me.  In the meantime, going back over some of my lunch hour cell-phone snapshots, I realized that the inspiration photos are interesting in and of themselves. 

Here's a few of the seeds that started me seeing a rust colored world, and barbed wire as just a really intense form of fiber:

Spiderweb, various fiber, rusty barbed wire

Clouds as tufts of wool, wire floating in the sky

Rusty bits lying about.  Watch your tires while driving in the Presidio!

Decaying human structures and nature's fiber artist, the spider. 

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