Saturday, January 5, 2013

Got Goat?

Trivia: Did you know there's a plant called "Horny Goat Weed?"
"I need a goat head as soon as possible, and I immediately thought of you." 

What a great compliment!  But, uhm, yeah.  Does something about me scream goat boy?  I've never done this sort of realism before, and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to live up to the expectation.

This was a gift request I got on December 23, and I sat down and finished it the same day.  It's a tiny (2 1/2") goat head of merino wool mounted on ink stained wood. His furry little ears feel AWESOME!

The one "goat like" thing I have done previously was a flat sculptural tapestry of baphomet.  Like that one, the thing I appreciate here is the idea of taking the hair of an animal associated with "herd" and fashioning a creature associated with stubborn individuality.  That whole "unity out of duality" thing again.

It seems like that is the essential American dilemma, maximising and celebrating our individuality while still balancing a sense of belonging to a community, to a greater group to which we have some basic social obligations.  Like at the very least, chipping in our membership fees (taxes), not pitching recyclables into the trash bin, and having a little empathy for all the other individuals in society (i.e. not being a dick.)

Insert loud goat noise here. . .(there's no onomatopoeia for it in English since I know you were wondering.) 

Happy New Year!

Finishing up here on the old felting pad.


Here's some Bonus Fun With Numbers!  A goat creates a natural 5 pointed star via it's chin, two ears, and two horns.  The request for this goat was received on the 23rd.  2+3=5.  However, 2÷3=.666.  Trippy, yeah?

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