Friday, February 10, 2012

Elemental Balance

"Chakra Blossom"
Am very excited to be featured in the SF Sunset Art Walk next week (February 17th, 6-9pm.) and have been working like crazy to make new pieces.  Have had little time to photograph anything, but I did take a picture of the new "Chakra Blossom" design, and am making several of these. 

Also, due to time constraints, I have decided to recreate variations of some of my favorite pieces that have long since been sold.  I've never done repetition before, preferring that every piece should be completely new and original.  I'm finding it enjoyable because I can make things much faster the second time around, it keeps me in the "working zone" and because of that I've had more new ideas than normal. . .like the Chakra Blossom for instance!

PJ@Baker Beach
It's hard to keep everything in balance while this busy, but it's always important to find time to kick back for a even just an hour.  And yesterday, we had GLORIOUS warm sunshine in San Francisco, and I couldn't resist popping over to Baker Beach for a bit.  While there I meditated on the nature of balance, and jotted this in my notebook:


Physicality, material need, work and its fruits. Manifested in my life on a sweaty yoga mat; toes in the sand at the beach, cooking slow savory food with my darling; fingers working wool, deep in the soft, richly colored merino locks!

The realm of ideas and intellect, of reason and flights of fancy.  Manifested literally in my life through clean salty breeze; swirls of fog under street lights; distant clouds.  Figuratively through books, film, good conversations, street art, galleries, museums. . .just this entire epic city of originality in art, ideas, and cultural diversity.

The source of vital radiant energy, of passions, of divine sexual star showers, manifested in my life through the literal fire of the sun on my skin, a burning Bikram studio, in Kundalini yoga, dance, music, tribal drumming--and with my divine lover, the white hot flame.

Water represents the magic of romantic love, pleasure, sensuality, intoxication, the eternal feminine pulse of the planet.  I lap swim in a pale blue pool, kiss slowly fizzy champaigne lips, wade into the crashing waves of the cold Pacific ocean, try to BE water, to flow like the Tao.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. . . the four classic elements, the four suits of the tarot, the four quadrants of the brain, and more.  Nurture all the parts of your soul, elementally balanced, elementally happy.  It's why the beach is my favorite place: it's a natural convergence of ocean water, sandy earth, freshest air, brightest fireball sun. The Earth whispers it's ancient pagan rhythms when you slow down and take the time to listen.
@ Marin Headlands

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