Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lord Ember, Guardian of the Secret Fire

Lord Ember
 If you are the first person to wake up when camping there is a good chance you can catch a glimpse of Lord Ember, protecting that last little bit of glowing coal buried in the ashes of the previous night's revelries. 

That hot hidden ember, if carefully coaxed, can turn back into a roaring source of heat and illumination, drawing the other campers out of their tents to warm their hands and feet and enjoy a hot cup of cowboy coffee.

People, like campfires, can let their fire die, but Lord Ember casts his protection in that realm too, keeping a little spark alive inside even the most storm drenched souls.  All you need to do is find something to kindle the spirit, and with gentle stirring and fanning you might be surprised by how brilliantly your inner light can shine.

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