Sunday, February 27, 2011

To finish, or not to finish?

ARGGGHHHH!  Working on an idea that's turning out to be difficult to execute, and for all that, I can't even get a good sense if it's really going to have the effect I'm going for.  It could be an epic fail.  Is that why I'm hesitant to sit down and work on it?  Should I push on until I do "feel it" or set it aside to work on something easier. . .light, fun, quick, cute and easy to sell (the joys of instant gratification versus potentially failed attempt at a fulfilling achievement?)

The other thing hanging me up a bit right now is a growing "to do" list of mundane stuff like photographing and posting new creations on Etsy as well as blog and Etsy promotion, taking some inventory to Urban Bazaar and picking up unsold items, new business cards, creating and setting up "print to order" postcards based on a couple really cool pictures of Cthulhu, and blah blah blah.  Also have a couple of pounds of wool I need to start dyeing. 

I do literally have ADD, and I was most productive when all I was doing was sculpting and sticking finished creations on the shelf.  I really think it's all these other little procrastination-things I'm trying to do now that are occupying my headspace and killing creativity.   This other stuff is making my creativity as fickle as a panda bear's libido. 



  1. I so know how this feels! I tend to look at books for inspiration when I'm like this and then suddenly get my own ideas to continue. Maybe your trying too hard? take a break from the project and go back to it? that's what I do

  2. Instant gratification!,.....does that say a lot about me?.
    Seriously I know how you feel. I have a few of those awesome ideas on the go, the bottom of the pile and a few that I haven't even started yet as I know how difficult it will be.
    You`ve got me thinking of putting them at the top of the pile again.
    Keep up the awesome work!