Wednesday, December 7, 2016


This mixed media piece, wool, wood, barbed wire and pyrography, there a number of these in the series so far, and I thought I'd really keep rolling with it, but something about the process just kind of sent me into hiatus. 

It felt like a punctuation mark on my felting journey.  Not a complete stop, but the end of a paragraph.  There was so much passion, intensity, obsessive detail work in this when I finished it this earlier this year I just didn't even want to look at wool for awhile. 

It's interesting to note that in the interim, exploring water color painting, I've been able to adapt the same methods, processes and visual approach that are in this piece, but am able to do it in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the month it took to make this felted "vision" piece. 

I've NEVER been able to draw or paint, and have tried to acquire the skill many times in my life, but I think maybe all the years of staring at the three dimensional images I've worked with in needle felting have had an effect on my ability to "see" and translate that.  This piece pictured here is a conscious invocation of "inner vision" as hinted at by the rusted barbed wire in the eyes, but the lack of obstructions at the third eye.

I'll post a few watercolor paintings later that share the meandering "flows" and random patterns I like to create in my felting, but for now, a couple more pictures of this as yet "untitled" piece:

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